What is Continuous Coding?

Sunday, Dec 29, 2019| Tags:

Continuous Coding is about the software development practices needed to keep the feedback loop short, the project on target, and the marathon endurance to deliver changes faster than the competition.

Inspired by a conversation in the extreme programming email group ContinuosCoding.org aims to inspire developers to implement the practices needed to write code which has few bugs, is on time, and easy to change.

Evidence has proven that companies which are able to implement Continuous Deployment have less bugs and are more competitive than companies which don't. Companies which are able to enable a DevOps culture, report even greater quality of software and services. In order to accomplish a Continuous Deployment a company needs to be able to first implement Continuous Integration.

It is the contention of this group that the safest and most efficient way to accomplish Continuous integration is to practice Continuous Coding.

JFrog wrote in Liquid Software that beyond Continuous Deployments we must be able to also implement Continuous Updates. Updates to devices and machines which the software development team does not have direct control. For this future to become our new reality, Continuos Coding practices are a must, lest we endanger people with the software we write.


Continuous Coding is modeled off eXtreme Programming. There are seven high level concepts which all good practices fit in. Some concepts might sound like they don't apply to developers, or only to developers with authority. But that is not the case.


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